Mixed Nut Nougat

Mixed Nut Nougat

by kikoco

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My mother traveled to Taiwan, and among the gifts she brought back, my favorite was Grandpa Cherry's nougat. Since then, I have embarked on the road of my love for nougat. Make it for my mother, for my husband, for my colleagues, and for my friends. Everyone says it's delicious~~ I feel very satisfied.
Mrs. Baozi’s nougat is very simple. When you follow the recipe, you don’t have to worry too much about the number of grams of the ingredients. Milk powder, a little more and a little less, for the result, is the concentration of milk flavor; more nuts and less is the final nougat taste; but it is not recommended that you have more butter, because no amount can be absorbed into the nougat , A bit wasteful, after all, butter is quite expensive~~~~


Mixed Nut Nougat

1. It is recommended that you use a small non-stick milk pan, because it is more heat-collecting. If you use a large non-stick pan like a wok, sometimes the marshmallow may be partially melted and part of the marshmallow has begun to dry. The resulting nougat is very hard and loses its toughness. It takes a while to chew in the mouth to soften it.
The first step is to melt the butter in the milk pan and heat it over a low heat!

Mixed Nut Nougat recipe

2. When the butter is melted, you can throw away the whole bag of marshmallows (the marshmallows are optional, you can buy the original flavor), and then increase the heat a little bit, really a little bit. Then it's the process of melting the marshmallows. Stir during the melting process to avoid overheating and discoloration at the bottom.
After the marshmallows have melted, pour all the powdered milk (in fact, I don't usually use the amount of powdered milk, it's all my own preference, usually put half a cup of a medium-sized disposable cup). Next, start to stir the melted marshmallow and milk powder together. It is a very troublesome process because it is very sticky and the milk powder is dry. Remember to turn the heat down at this time. It is more convenient to use two spoons to stir in it together. , The milk powder must be completely integrated into the sugar, this process cannot be long, because at this time the sugar has already begun to solidify.

Mixed Nut Nougat recipe

3. Follow the above steps, quickly put the nuts in, and then continue to stir, stir constantly, stir! Stir! After ensuring that all the noodles have nuts, you can cook it~
Let me talk about the nuts I used. I didn't use peanuts. I still recommend this kind of mixed nuts, which will make your peanut candy taste different when you eat it. I personally still prefer it. When preparing, grab two handfuls of mixed nuts and put them in a fresh-keeping bag, and crush them with a rolling pin for later use.

Mixed Nut Nougat recipe

4. Prepare a glass lock & lock (the sugar out of the pot is very hot, it is recommended not to use ordinary plastic!), put the sugar in, flattened, and neat. You don't need to put it in the refrigerator, just put it aside, and after it cools, you can take out the slices and pack them. It is easy to take out, because it is glass, it will not stick to the bottom.

Mixed Nut Nougat recipe

5. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the stirring spoon should be soaked in water after use, and it will be easy to clean after a while. There is also sugar candies can be wrapped in sugar paper, which is used to give away. It can also be wrapped in oil paper, which is more economical~

Mixed Nut Nougat recipe


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