Momoyama Skin Mooncakes

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes

by Dai Daiai Baking

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Momoyama skin mooncakes

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes

1. After opening the golden peach mountain bark, knead it evenly. Open the purple sweet potato filling for later use.

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe

2. This mold has a capacity of 50 grams, and the ratio of the skin to the filling is 1:1, so weigh 25 grams of golden peach mountain skin and 25 grams of purple potato filling.

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe

3. Take a portion of the stuffing and wrap the stuffing in the skin according to the method mentioned above.

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe

4. When packing, slowly push up the tiger’s mouth

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe

5. Until sealed

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe

6. After wrapping, in order to make it easier to take off the film, the surface of the mooncake ball is stained with anti-stick hand powder.

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe

7. Put the mooncakes into the mold, and then peel off after pressing.

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe

8. This is the case after stripping. The latter are all done this way, what color you want, just choose the corresponding peach mountain bark. Bake for 15 minutes and it’s fine. Mooncakes with peach mountain skin will be darker after returning to the oil.

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes recipe


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