Multi-grain nut pineapple rice

Coarse grains are very common foods in our lives, and especially people in the north have formed a kind of dependence on coarse grains. This is not only due to the high nutritional value of coarse grains, but also because of the other benefits of coarse grains. Today, let’s take a look at the benefits of coarse grains. The benefits of eating whole grains 1. Increase nutrient supply. Adequate B vitamins are extremely important for both intelligence and physical fitness. 2. Prevent constipation 3. Coarse grains need to be chewed better to protect teeth 4. Coarse grains can help control blood sugar 5. Eating coarse grains can prevent stroke 6. Coarse grains can help improve cardiovascular function 7. Coarse grains help It has the effect of losing weight, so if you have time, it is better to make some whole grains to eat healthier.







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How to Make It

1. Prepare the ingredients
2. Coix seed is soaked in water for 3-4 hours, other coarse grains do not need to soak
3. Put other coarse grains and soaked coix seed into the rice cooker together, and it will be ready in about 50 minutes. Coarse grains: water=1:1
4. When steaming rice, prepare the pineapple. After cutting the pineapple from the middle, dig out the heart
5. At this time, the grain rice is also ready, and when it’s still warm
6. Take out some, add sugar and nuts, and mix well
7. Finally, put it in the pineapple, and you can enjoy it with your family.
Warm reminder of silk scarf: cereals can be replaced with other fruits and miscellaneous grains.