Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi

by jijiqucho (From Sina Weibo.)

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The breath of New Year has faded, and the flavor of the Lantern Festival has quietly arrived. Eating Lantern Festival, guessing lantern riddles, setting firecrackers, and viewing lanterns has become a holiday habit of the people in the South and the North. Many southerners, like me, think that the Lantern Festival is to eat glutinous rice balls. In fact, there are certain differences between the Lantern Festival in the North and the glutinous rice balls in the South. Yes, making Lantern Festival is much more cumbersome than glutinous rice balls. First, you need to cut the reconciled and solidified filling into small pieces, and then throw it into the basket full of glutinous rice noodles, roll it, and sprinkle it with water. It's not until the filling is covered with glutinous rice noodles and rolled into a ball. After the Lantern Festival is cooked, the soup will be thicker, similar to glutinous rice noodle porridge, with a soft skin, hard fillings, and a strong fruity and rice fragrance. Therefore, there is a saying that "make dumplings and roll the Lantern Festival", and the Lantern Festival is "rolled" out.
The southern glutinous rice balls use "bao" as the auspicious meaning of reunion. First, mix glutinous rice flour and hot water into a ball, and let it "wake up" for a few hours. Then mix all the ingredients for the filling and put them in a large bowl for later use. The water content of glutinous rice ball filling is more than that of Yuanxiao, which is one of the differences between the two. And the fillings of southern dumplings are richer, sweet, salty, meat and vegetables can be matched. On the basis of traditional sweet fillings, add meat, fire, peanuts, rose sand and other fillings, and even add mustard. It completely breaks through the traditional glutinous rice balls.
But whether Yuanxiao or glutinous rice balls, the main ingredients are glutinous rice flour and sugar, and the fillings contain a lot of sugar and oil. 6 Yuanxiao and 1 bowl of rice. If you eat glutinous rice balls, you must eat less oil for the meal or on the day. It is advisable to eat less than 5 at a time, and no more than 10 for smaller ones. Children should reduce it even more. Special populations and certain chronic patients should pay special attention to reduction or taboos. When eating glutinous rice balls, they should be slower and chew carefully to avoid stomach discomfort.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi

1. Prepare all materials

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

2. White dough: Add 20g of sugar to 70g of water to dissolve it and add it to 125g of glutinous rice flour, stir well with chopsticks, and form a smooth dough by hand. Increase or decrease water as appropriate.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

3. Colored dough: first mix the colored powder and glutinous rice flour, add hot sugar water in the same step 2 to form a dough.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

4. Take a small piece from the green powder, roll it into a circle and squash it, put the filling in it, and slowly close the mouth and roll it into a round glutinous rice ball.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

5. Then put it on the table and press it flat.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

6. Take two small pieces of white glutinous rice balls, roll them into two circles, press flat on the green circles, and form frog eyes.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

7. Put on the red face and mouth.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

8. Boil the water, put the wrapped glutinous rice balls in a pot, medium-high heat, add a small bowl of cold water after boiling, boil again and wait for the glutinous rice balls to float.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe

9. Don't eat too much glutinous rice balls at a time to avoid indigestion, and it is not recommended for babies under 4 years old to eat them alone.

Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe


Mung Bean Frog Gnocchi recipe


1. When boiling the glutinous rice balls, be sure to wait until the water is boiled and put the glutinous rice balls on medium-high heat. After boiling, add a small bowl of cold water. Boil again until the glutinous rice balls float. rupture.
2. Be sure to add a little bit of water when kneading the dough. The temperature of the water is 60-70 degrees is ideal, as long as the dough is not sticky when kneading.
3. The small ball may crack during the bagging process, so you can dip it in your hand and fix it.


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