Mussel Alfalfa Soup

Mussel Alfalfa Soup

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Mussels are the shell meat of mussels, also called mussels, and they are called "Mrs. Tokai". It is delicious and nutritious.

Mussel Alfalfa Soup

1. Ingredients: mussels, alfalfa, potatoes, green onion

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

2. Shred potatoes, remove gills and other dirt after soaking mussels and cut into strips

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

3. Heat the pan with cold oil, put the mussels in the pan and fry until fragrant

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

4. Sprinkle the chopped green onion and sauté until fragrant

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

5. Add clean water and turn on high heat

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

6. Add potato shreds, add ginger juice, pepper, light soy sauce to taste, when the water in the pot is boiled, turn to medium heat

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

7. Use a spoon to skim the foam from the pot, the potatoes are ripe, taste the saltiness and adjust the taste

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

8. Sprinkle alfalfa at the end and turn off the heat when cooked

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe

9. Finished product

Mussel Alfalfa Soup recipe


1. The mussels should be soaked first, and then eaten after treating the gills and other dirt.
2. The mussels have a salty taste, so you must taste the taste before serving, and then decide whether to add salt or not.
3. Buy mussels with packaging. You can't eat them all at once. You can store them in the refrigerator, but you should eat them as soon as possible.


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