Noodle Fish

Noodle Fish

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Speaking of noodles, it has a natural aroma, is rich in nutrition, and has excellent health care effects. Regular eating has many benefits for the body. Noodles contain protein, fat, starch and a variety of trace elements. The content of water-soluble fiber in noodles is particularly high. It also contains various nutrients such as folic acid, niacin and pantothenic acid. People can quickly take these nutrients after eating. The absorption and utilization of ingredients can promote body metabolism and delay aging. At the same time, the natural antioxidant components of noodles can play an important role in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, regardless of age, we have to eat noodles appropriately in our lives. Let’s take a look at my recipe for noodles fish and fish. The leftover bowl of leek and egg stuffing is just a topping. It’s too fragrant. Even if there is no stuffing left, I have to do it myself. The delicious food always makes people feel good. Aftertaste.


Noodle Fish

1. The noodles are ready. Noodles are very easy to handle. After kneading, you can proceed directly without 饧. It is very good for fast food.

Noodle Fish recipe

2. The noodles must be blanched with boiling water, mix into a large snowflake shape and start to knead the noodles by hand

Noodle Fish recipe

3. Gently mix the noodles into a smooth ball with both hands

Noodle Fish recipe

4. Let's have a simple version. Divide the noodles into strips, flatten them directly, and cut into strips

Noodle Fish recipe

5. Spread your palms out and rub them into small fish with bulging points in the middle.

Noodle Fish recipe

6. A bowl of egg and chive stuffing left over from the previous meal, take it out in the refrigerator

Noodle Fish recipe

7. Pour the stuffing into the pot, add water, and boil over the heat. After boiling, you can add some salt as appropriate. After all, water is added, and the topping is still a good point. The water starch thickens the pot.

Noodle Fish recipe

8. Cook the small fish and fish out. Just add the prepared toppings, mix well and eat, it's fragrant

Noodle Fish recipe


The leek and egg stuffing does not need to be overheated, just add water to boil and thicken it out. If it takes a long time, the leeks will lose their nutrition, and a kind of cooked leeks will not taste good.


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