Nutritious Big Bone Soup

Nutritious Big Bone Soup

by Miss Lang Lang

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Winter is here, replenish energy properly


Nutritious Big Bone Soup

1. Peel and remove winter melon, remove head and tail of radish, peel corn, and wash

Nutritious Big Bone Soup recipe

2. Cut all the materials into small pieces

Nutritious Big Bone Soup recipe

3. Wash the big bones and put them in a casserole, put the green onion, ginger slices, and aniseed together, add water until the big bones are not over, use a shovel to remove the blood foam in the soup after the water is boiled

Nutritious Big Bone Soup recipe

4. After defoaming, add the auxiliary ingredients to the casserole, then add an appropriate amount of water, start to simmer over a low heat, and simmer for about an hour, during which time add a little salt and chicken essence to taste

Nutritious Big Bone Soup recipe


Don't be too rushed, be sure to simmer slowly.


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