Open Onion Oil Noodles

Open Onion Oil Noodles

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I have always liked to eat noodles with scallion oil, but the store is filled with a lot of MSG, and I always want to drink water after eating. I also understand that the store wants to use MSG to improve freshness, but a large amount is not good for the health. Although Kaiyang is a bit fishy, it is very fresh!


Open Onion Oil Noodles

1. Cut the green onion into sections, and soak the ginger slices in a bowl of water

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

2. Rinse with open ocean, put in 1 to remove fishy

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

3. Pour 100 ml of corn oil into the pot, add the shallots, and simmer on low heat, about 10 minutes. See that it is slightly burnt, turn to the lowest heat and pour into Kaiyang, then boil slowly, and pour out when the flavor of Kaiyang comes out

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

4. Light soy sauce with sugar and salt [According to personal taste, I think the salty taste of light soy sauce is enough]

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

5. The noodles are boiled in wide soup, usually not more than 3 minutes, it is not delicious if it is too rotten. Stir in steps 3 and 4

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe


Fry the shallots until slightly browned, don’t fry them off


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