Orange Pear Juice

Orange Pear Juice

by Zheng Mama

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The weather was getting hotter and hotter. My son asked me to fry him juice. There were oranges and pears at home. The juice was squeezed together. The taste was good. After adding pears, the juice was light and delicious. "


Orange Pear Juice

1. Peel the oranges after washing.

Orange Pear Juice recipe

2. Wash the skin of the pear with salt and cut it into small pieces.

Orange Pear Juice recipe

3. Put the oranges in the juicer.

Orange Pear Juice recipe

4. Put in pear cubes.

Orange Pear Juice recipe

5. Start the juicer.

Orange Pear Juice recipe

6. Press the fruit stick gently to fry the juice.

Orange Pear Juice recipe


You can match your favorite fruits.


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