Pear recipes

Pear Soup

Pear, Tremella Wolfberry Jujube Rock Candy

Red Date Kumquat Soup

Kumquat, Red Dates, Pear


Apple, Yam, Hawthorn

Nourishing Lung Soup

Tremella, Tangerine Peel, Wolfberry

Glutinous Rice Pear Soup

Pear, Tremella, Red Dates

Pear Soup

Pear, Water, Crystal Sugar

Tangerine Pear Soup

Pear, Tangerine Peel, Crystal Sugar

Xiao Diao Pear Soup

Pear, Dry White Fungus, Plum

Summer Cucumber and Pear Juice

Cucumber, Pear, Rock Sugar Or Honey

Lily Pear Soup

Pear, Lily, Old Rock Candy

Fruity Teal Soup

Teal, Pear, Apple

Xiao Diao Pear Soup

Pear, Plum, Tremella

Sweet Pear and Grapefruit Soup

Grapefruit, Pear, Crystal Sugar

Brown Sugar, Jujube and Pear Soup

Pear, Brown Sugar, Red Dates

Xiao Diao Pear Soup

Tremella, Pear, Crystal Sugar

Wolfberry Pear Soup

Pear, Wolfberry, Tremella