Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

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This panna cotta is a traditional dessert in northern Italy. The panna cotta has been passed down to this day and is a household dessert in Europe. It has a smooth and rich taste, somewhere between jelly and mousse. The white part in the middle needs to be decorated with some effort if you want to look good. It's easy to eat, pour a layer of caramel or jam in a shaped container, and decorate it with fruit, which is full of color and taste.

Panna Cotta

1. Oreo biscuits are crushed into powder with a food processor

Panna Cotta recipe

2. Gelatine tablets soak in cold water to soften

Panna Cotta recipe

3. The decoration of the panna cotta cup can be used by your own imagination. Here is to cut the fruit into small pieces and place them on the bottom of the wood chaff cup. When placing them, they should be as close to the wall of the cup as possible. You can also spread the Oreo biscuit foam on the bottom of the cup and press it gently with your fingers after spreading. Leveling

Panna Cotta recipe

4. Drain the gelatin sheet and heat it into a liquid

Panna Cotta recipe

5. Add animal cream to caster sugar and bring to a boil

Panna Cotta recipe

6. Liding liquid is added to boiled animal cream, and stir evenly with a manual whisk

Panna Cotta recipe

7. Slowly add the liquid to a cup of sawdust, not higher than the diced fruit, otherwise the diced fruit will float

Panna Cotta recipe

8. Put the cup in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator for 20 minutes, then spread a layer of Oreo biscuit froth (still need to gently press to flatten), and then place a layer of diced fruit, then add the remaining animal cream and continue to put it in the freezer 20 minutes

Panna Cotta recipe

9. Finally, put out a beautiful paving shape with fruits and it's finished

Panna Cotta recipe


1. The sugar added to the animal cream can be adjusted according to personal taste.
2. Do not add liquid higher than the diced fruit each time, otherwise the diced fruit will float.
3. You can also replace the 30% animal cream with your favorite jam, and the color will be more beautiful.


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