Chicken Pumpkin Risotto

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto

by miko's small kitchen

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Pumpkin is a very common ingredient in vegetable markets, and seemingly ordinary pumpkins contain extremely high nutritional value.
Pumpkin is rich in carotene, which can effectively protect eyesight and promote bone growth. It is especially suitable for children to eat.
In addition, pumpkin is rich in mineral elements and amino acids, which can help the body improve metabolism, prevent cancer, and lower cholesterol.
This chicken and pumpkin risotto combines pumpkin into each grain of rice. The salty aroma is slightly sweet, rich in nutrition and endless aftertaste.


Chicken Pumpkin Risotto

1. The chicken is skinless and boneless, cut into small pieces and marinated with a spoonful of salt, a few drops of cooking wine, and a little pepper.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

2. Peel the pumpkin and cut into small pieces, put it in boiling water and cook for 15 minutes, and cook until completely soft (a fork can be easily passed through).

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

3. The rice is watered three times, scrubbed and drained for later use.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

4. Wash the onion and cut into small pieces.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

5. Rub the mushrooms well, remove the bottom, and cut into slices.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

6. Wash the crab-flavored mushrooms and cut them into two pieces for later use.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

7. Take a clove of garlic and chop it into garlic cloves.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

8. Heat a pan with cold oil, add garlic and onion until fragrant.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

9. After frying the aroma, pour the chicken and stir-fry until the skin is golden.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

10. Pour in the mushrooms and crab-flavored mushrooms and fry them until they become soft and out of water.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

11. Put the washed rice and stir fry until transparent.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

12. Pour the cooked pumpkin and the boiling water into the pot, and use a spatula to press the pumpkin into a puree.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

13. After the moisture is almost dried, add cream and half a bowl of water and continue to stir fry. Stir-fry the rice again until the moisture is dry.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

14. At this time, the rice is half-cooked. Add a bowl of water, three teaspoons of salt, and an appropriate amount of pepper to stir-fry.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe

15. When the moisture is close to dry, it can be served. Don't fry too dry. If there is no moisture, it is not risotto.

Chicken Pumpkin Risotto recipe


Add water a total of three times, each time the amount is exactly equal to the rice.


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