Pastoral Tonggu Soup

Pastoral Tonggu Soup

by Heart moves

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If there is a bowl of steaming fresh soup on the table when the weather is freezing, it will definitely make people salivate. Soup can not only help people keep warm, but also make people appetite. Do you like a pot of delicious old hot soup?


Pastoral Tonggu Soup

1. Ingredients preparation

Pastoral Tonggu Soup recipe

2. Bone blanching

Pastoral Tonggu Soup recipe

3. Wash the inner pot of the rice cooker, pour enough clean water at one time, put in the washed bone and ginger, turn on the power, and cook for one hour

Pastoral Tonggu Soup recipe

4. Wash lotus root, peeled and cut into hob blocks

Pastoral Tonggu Soup recipe

5. Carrots, peeled, washed and cut into hob blocks

Pastoral Tonggu Soup recipe

6. Wash corn and cut into sections

Pastoral Tonggu Soup recipe

7. One hour later, add carrots, lotus root, corn, cook for another hour, add oil and salt to taste

Pastoral Tonggu Soup recipe


1. After the bones are blanched, the soup will be delicious.
2. Put oil and salt later.


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