Pickled Eggs

Pickled Eggs

by Epoch Jamie 3511912325

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Today I learned a new method of pickling eggs.


Pickled Eggs

1. Buy back black eggs.

Pickled Eggs recipe

2. Wash the eggs.

Pickled Eggs recipe

3. Goose eggs are the eggs laid by the neighbor's own geese. They are very fresh.

Pickled Eggs recipe

4. Put the egg in the white wine and soak for a while.

Pickled Eggs recipe

5. Then put the egg in the salt and roll it over with salt.

Pickled Eggs recipe

6. It's like this.

Pickled Eggs recipe

7. Put it in the dish.

Pickled Eggs recipe

8. Then wrap them with plastic wrap one by one.

Pickled Eggs recipe

9. Put it in a bottle and put it in the sun for 1 month.

Pickled Eggs recipe

10. Well, neither salty nor light. You can eat porridge and steamed buns.

Pickled Eggs recipe


The egg must be soaked in the white wine first.


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