Korean Soda Cold Noodles

Korean Soda Cold Noodles

by Danxia 4462

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I cook noodles for my snacks on Sundays. He loves me to eat the noodles I make the most. I love all kinds of noodles. Today, there are a lot of ingredients at home. Let’s make Korean cold noodles. The ingredients are diversified. There are some meat. The dishes have eggs, which are full of nutrition and beautiful in color. They must be good-looking for children to have an appetite.
Korean cold noodles are a kind of traditional national food that is well-known at home and abroad. Generally use beef broth or chicken broth, with spicy cabbage, meat slices, eggs, cucumber shreds, pear strips, etc. When eating, put a small amount of cold soup and an appropriate amount of noodles in the bowl, then add the condiments, and finally pour the soup again. The noodles are fine and tough, the soup is cool, hot and sour.

How to make it

1. Prepare enoki mushrooms, black eggs, cucumber, carrots, lye noodles, green onions, ham, cherry tomatoes, lean meat

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

2. Use a variety of ingredients, the amount is enough, cut the ingredients into thin strips, and cut the black-boiled eggs on both sides.

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

3. Pour hot water into the pot, put the alkaline water and cook until it is six mature

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

4. Pour the cooked noodles into cold water to cool down

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

5. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, add salt, soy sauce and a little soy sauce and boil the thick soup to melt

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

6. Pour in carrots, cucumbers, enoki mushrooms and blanch them.

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

7. Then blanch the lean meat, ham, and green onions.

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

8. Put the boiled noodles in a bowl, add the stock, put the blanched vegetables, sprinkle a little sesame seeds and a few drops of sesame oil

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe

9. Finished product

Korean Soda Cold Noodles recipe


1. Today I used alkaline water noodles. This noodles does not absorb much water. It is good to cook the noodles for six years. Rinse them with cold water immediately after cooking, so that the noodles are very strong.
2. Use the thick soup base as the soup base, you can also use the chicken soup you make yourself, the taste is also great.
3. Vegetable blanching is to blanch one by one to prevent some vegetables from being cooked at different times and meat cooking time.
4. The black-boiled eggs are cooked and mature. The sugar-hearted eggs are delicious. Cut the eggs quickly with a knife. It is best to dip a little water and then cut.
5. If you like spicy food, add chili oil to make it more delicious

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