Pickled Fish

Pickled Fish

by Zou Yunping

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Pickled Fish

1. Go to the supermarket to buy a pack of pickled cabbage fish ingredients; there are many brands; it doesn't matter

Pickled Fish recipe

2. The sauerkraut fish material package has a package of cornstarch; marinate the fish fillets that have been cut in advance for use; the fish fillets are smooth; remember that there is no need to add salt and other seasonings in the fish fillets; the original flavor is necessary to taste;

Pickled Fish recipe

3. First put the fish bones in the pan and fry; then put the sauerkraut package in the pan and fry; then add water to boil; cook for a while; cook the sour soup of the sauerkraut; add appropriate salt to season

Pickled Fish recipe

4. Separate the marinated fish fillets and place them in the pot; cook for a few minutes; they are too old to be slippery enough; pour out the pot

Pickled Fish recipe

5. Put cilantro and shallots on the cooked fish fillets; dried chilies; sesame seeds; sprinkle the hot oil on the top; the oil must be hot enough to fragrant

Pickled Fish recipe

6. Perfectly cooked; the sauerkraut fish is delicious when it is hot; ensure you eat two more bowls of rice.

Pickled Fish recipe


1. The sauerkraut fish production process eliminates the need to kill the fish and cut the fish fillet. I believe everyone will do it.
2. Special reminder, there is no need to add any seasoning during the marinating process of the fish fillet, otherwise the freshness of the fish fillet will not be tasted; I hope it can help you.


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