Pickled Fish

Pickled Fish

by Gray beard

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This dish is a very good appetizer. I usually like to make this dish at home. It’s not great to have meat, soup, and a little wine!


Pickled Fish

1. The grass carp meat is separated from the fish bones, and the fish meat is sliced into fish fillets.

Pickled Fish recipe

2. Add ginger, green onions, cooking wine, a little salt and a little pepper to the fish fillets. Marinate for 15 minutes and then add starch to sizing.

Pickled Fish recipe

3. Chop ginger, garlic, wild pepper, sauerkraut, sliced ginger, sliced red pepper and set aside.

Pickled Fish recipe

4. Put the oil in the pot and heat up, add the prepared wild mountain pepper, ginger garlic rice, sauerkraut, pickled ginger, pickled red pepper and stir fry until fragrant, then add water.

Pickled Fish recipe

5. Bring to a boil and put the fish fillets on a low fire. The fillets will be cooked in about 1 minute.

Pickled Fish recipe

6. You can put a little chopped millet on the prepared dish and drizzle it with hot oil.

Pickled Fish recipe


Mainly highlight the hot and sour taste and the tenderness of the fish fillets. The sourness is mainly due to the choice of pickled cabbage. If you like more sour, you can add white vinegar in an appropriate amount. The spiciness is mainly in the hot oil stir-fried chopped wild pepper and the finished millet with hot oil. The processing of fish fillets is to marinate and deodorize, rinse with water, do not add too much starch paste, and put the fish fillets on low heat, and the time should not be too long.


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