Pocket Toast

Pocket Toast

by Little Bear Meng Canteen

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Homemade quick breakfast, simple and nutritious. The whole wheat bread, sun eggs, and your favorite vegetables are super delicious. You can not only serve it as breakfast, but also take it out during an outing.


Pocket Toast

1. Shred the purple cabbage, shred the lettuce and set aside.

Pocket Toast recipe

2. Put the whole wheat bread into the toaster and bake until golden

Pocket Toast recipe

3. Heat the small keyboard, put in an appropriate amount of oil, knock in the egg, fry it into a sun egg, scoop out, and fry the ham slices until fragrant.

Pocket Toast recipe

4. Stir-fry the shredded lettuce and purple cabbage for a while, friends who like to eat raw can not stir-fry

Pocket Toast recipe

5. Lay a piece of plastic wrap, first put a piece of whole wheat toast, and then spread the food that has just been fried on top and squeeze it with salad dressing, and then cover it with a piece of toast

Pocket Toast recipe

6. Wrap it with plastic wrap. Just cut

Pocket Toast recipe

7. If you are successful, you can also use good-looking wrapping paper to wrap it, or use plastic wrap at home.

Pocket Toast recipe


1. You can put other materials you like to trap


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