by Jahaha

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very simple! ! ! Breakfast is ready by the time you wash! Nutrition and health! Very very very simple! ! ! !


1. I used two slices of whole-wheat bread for one person. The two sauces in the picture above are very good! (This tomato sauce is really delicious!! ^^)

Toast recipe

2. Squeeze the sauce on the bread slices (I haven't tried the ketchup and only put half of it^)

Toast recipe

3. Choose a lot of meat in the big ham! This ham is not delicious when it is simply eaten, but it is really delicious when grilled!

Toast recipe

4. After spreading the ham on the bread slices, you can put a layer of sauce on it. (If you like green peppers, it should be nice to put some! I don’t like green peppers too much.

Toast recipe

5. Clang clang clang! About 180 degrees for 7 minutes. PS doesn’t like the burnt feeling. It’s also great to bake for five minutes!

Toast recipe

6. You can put some lettuce when it comes out! The emerald green one is very appetizing! There is a little burnt on the back, but it tastes not mushy. The crispy bread corners on the outside are also crispy and delicious, and the inside of the bread is fragrant and soft! ! ! ! ! I don’t like this and it’s delicious for five minutes! (The tomato sauce is also delicious! ^)

Toast recipe


It's really convenient, easy to make, simple and nutritious. It has meat and vegetables and a cup of hot milk! perfect!


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