Potato Cake with Black Pepper

Potato Cake with Black Pepper

by Baby Mom's Kitchen

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Recently, the whole family has praised me, what do you say, it means that the food in the family is not different every day, so I am really good in this family!

Mommy also loves to go into the kitchen more and more. Seeing her continuous improvement, she feels beautiful and happy. The family is in great health, especially the youngest son, premature baby. Don’t think we were born thin and small. Now here The body is great. Dad Bao said it has something to do with my careful care. Of course I don’t refute it. The answer is yes, can the body be bad if the food is not heavy?
While talking, I digressed again, and then talked about delicious food!

Today, I have a great breakfast. The dishes and noodles are all available. It is nutritious and easy to prepare. The most important thing is that it is delicious and fast, so don't miss it!

It's potato pancakes! The potato pancakes I made are different from yours. Add a bit of it and it tastes a lot. The appetite immediately increases after one bite. This is how my son is. He didn't eat enough in the morning, and he yelled to eat after school.
To say that I used to make potato cakes, but they were not very popular. Suddenly, I thought that foreigners love to pair potatoes and black pepper in cooking. These two are a perfect match. The reason why potato cakes were unpopular before was a bit fishy. , I didn’t expect it to be put right this time, the taste is super good, I have to come out and share it with everyone, try it!


Potato Cake with Black Pepper

1. Prepare the ingredients. Peel and wash potatoes

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

2. Rub potatoes into the pot

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

3. Chopped green onion

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

4. Knock the eggs into a pot of shredded potatoes, add chopped green onion and salt (slightly salty is more delicious)

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

5. Add black pepper and mix well

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

6. Add the flour in portions and mix well, it's a bit dry just after mixing

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

7. Let it stand for a while, it will be very viscous and the potato shreds will become softer

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

8. Brush the electric baking pan with oil, preheat the upper and lower heat, use a spoon to scoop the potato batter onto the electric baking pan, spread it into a circle with a spoon, close the lid and cook

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe

9. Turn it over halfway, and the two sides are golden and ready to be served.

Potato Cake with Black Pepper recipe


Tips for Mom:
1 Potatoes have a better texture
2 Add more chopped green onion and add more salt to taste better
3 The addition of black pepper is particularly flavourful, it can conceal the raw smell of potatoes, especially can raise appetite
4 You can put a little more oil on it to make it more fragrant


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