Potato Cod Cake

Potato Cod Cake

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Potatoes have always been children's favorite, and potatoes have a feeling of fullness and rich vitamins, soft and delicate taste, and are also suitable for baby food. Add the nutritious Atlantic cod fish with high protein content and the bright and sweet carrots to the potatoes to make small cakes, fry them into potato cod cakes, which are crispy on the outside and soft and waxy on the inside. Especially suitable for babies to grasp and eat!


Potato Cod Cake

1. The Atlantic cod is defrosted in the refrigerator in advance, the potatoes and carrots are peeled and washed, and the ingredients are ready

Potato Cod Cake recipe

2. Marinate the cod with lemon for 10 minutes to get rid of fishy

Potato Cod Cake recipe

3. Peel and cut potatoes into small pieces, peel and chop carrots

Potato Cod Cake recipe

4. Diced cod

Potato Cod Cake recipe

5. Steam potatoes and carrots on the pot for 15 minutes

Potato Cod Cake recipe

6. Mashed potatoes with a spoon, add carrots

Potato Cod Cake recipe

7. Add in the minced cod and mix well

Potato Cod Cake recipe

8. Hot pot with oil

Potato Cod Cake recipe

9. Dig a spoonful of mashed potatoes and press them into a pie

Potato Cod Cake recipe

10. Slowly fry on low heat until both sides are golden and cooked through the pan.

Potato Cod Cake recipe


Babies over 1 year old can add salt to taste as appropriate


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