Preserved Egg Tofu

Preserved Egg Tofu

by Creek 9277

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This summer, I suddenly became obsessed with the preserved egg tofu dish. After going to the restaurant to taste it many times, I finally decided to make it at home... The result... It tastes really good, better than the restaurant bought. Haha, the key is that there are more preserved eggs than the restaurant. A lot~~~~


Preserved Egg Tofu

1. Cut the southern tofu along the four sides of the box, and cut it to the end with a knife~ Then take a plate and buckle the whole tofu into the plate.
Then cut a few cuts horizontally and vertically, change them into small pieces, and put them on the plate for later use

Preserved Egg Tofu recipe

2. Peel the Songhua Eggs (Is there any *.* when you see the beautiful patterns). Fix one end with a sewing thread, hold the other end tightly with one hand, and hold the loose egg with the other hand and pass it along the line... Cut the egg into small pieces... Then put the loose egg On top of tofu

Preserved Egg Tofu recipe

3. Making seasoning oil: Put a little salad oil, chives, star anise, and pepper in the pot, boil it on a low heat, wait for the onion to change color and smell, then pour it into a bowl and let cool.

Preserved Egg Tofu recipe

4. Cut finely chopped green onion and sprinkle it on the preserved egg. Then sprinkle salt, chicken essence and a small amount of vinegar (the vinegar is not necessary) evenly on the preserved eggs, and then pour the seasoning oil on the preserved eggs... Gently mix the preserved eggs, and try not to touch the tofu~ ~ Then you can serve it to the table~~

Preserved Egg Tofu recipe


1. You can use a knife to change the preserved egg... But the knife is easy to stick to the yolk of the preserved egg, it is not easy to operate, and it takes a lot of effort to wash the knife, so it is recommended to use thread to cut!
2. South tofu can be made immediately after refrigeration to increase the taste, it is really cold, smooth and smooth~~
3. To make a successful dish, you only need the preserved egg part to have a salty taste... The southern tofu is too tender and it is not easy to handle with the touch. When eating it, hold a spoon and hold part of the preserved egg and part of the tofu, and eat it in one bite. The taste is just right. Good~ ^ ^


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