Pumpkin Bean Paste

Pumpkin Bean Paste

by Yingtai Li Yan

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Pumpkin cooking is worse than making pumpkin pie


Pumpkin Bean Paste

1. 200g glutinous rice flour into a pot

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

2. Pick a small pumpkin, peeled and cut into pieces, steamed in water and pounded into pumpkin puree

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

3. Put the pumpkin puree and glutinous rice flour together, add sugar and stir well, without adding water, the pumpkin puree will be very juicy

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

4. While stirring, add flour and keep stirring until it becomes a very soft dough. If it is a non-sticky dough, it is still impossible. It is just that the dough that can be formed will still stick to the hands, but it is not soft enough to be kneaded.

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

5. Knead the thin noodles into long strips on the chopping board

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

6. Pinch a piece of pat and wrap it into a piece of red bean paste. The amount of bean paste depends on your preference

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

7. Make a cake after wrapping

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

8. Brush a layer of oil in the non-stick pan, or you don’t need to brush it. Just burn the cake on both sides of the pan on low heat. This step is to shape

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe

9. After the cakes are made, steam them on the pot for 15 minutes before they are out of the pot

Pumpkin Bean Paste recipe


1. Because the noodles are very soft, the bean paste should not be too much, otherwise it will leak out.
2. The double-sided frying in a pan is to set the shape, so as not to be too soft when steaming. When frying, the fire must be very small, and the non-stick pan can also be oilless.
3. If you don't like frying, just steam it directly on the pot.


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