Pumpkin Meat Dumplings

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings

by soshaw

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In fact, this is a continuation of the last fresh meat dumplings. Suddenly I feel that the fresh meat dumplings are still very good.

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings

1. Prepare a fresh mince

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe

2. The pumpkin is steamed and poured into the glutinous rice flour. Stir first

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe

3. Pour in warm water and continue to stir

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe

4. Knead into a smooth, non-cracking dough

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe

5. Divide the dough into 15 grams each

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe

6. Then pack each glutinous rice ball into the approximate filling

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe

7. The wrapped glutinous rice balls are boiled in a pot under water

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe

8. Ready to eat

Pumpkin Meat Dumplings recipe


1. For the practice of fresh meat filling, please refer to my previous recipe;
2. It can be frozen and stored if you make too much, but don't keep it for too long;
3. The pumpkin puree must be stirred with the glutinous rice flour while it is hot, a part of the glutinous rice flour should be blanched, and then add warm water to stir;
4. The ratio of glutinous rice flour and the ratio of pumpkin puree to water is about 1:1. The water absorption of each type of glutinous rice flour is different. It is recommended not to add water at one time. If it is really added, add more glutinous rice flour. a bit.


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