Purple Sweet Potato Bagel

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel

by meggy dancing apple

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Purple sweet potato is a kind of tuber food that is beneficial to the body. It is rich in anthocyanins, which can remove free radicals in the body and provide a variety of trace elements required by the human body. Purple potatoes are naturally purple. Although the taste is not as sweet and waxy as sweet potatoes, its gorgeous color can be made into a variety of desserts. It has both beauty and nutrition.
It’s a bit troublesome to fry the purple potato filling by myself, so I used the ready-made purple potato filling, which has a good oil-to-sugar ratio. It is much easier to use for buns and toast. Today’s purple sweet potato bagel, with a knife and twist, is a pretty good breakfast bag. Eat two in the morning to replenish energy in time; because it is sweet, come with an omelette, milk or coffee, which is beautiful. If you are frying the purple potato filling yourself, be careful not to make the filling too wet, so as not to affect the fermentation and growth of the dough. "

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel

1. The main ingredients of the bread are ready: high-gluten flour, dry yeast, egg liquid, cold or ice water, sugar, butter; in cold winter, the amount of yeast can be a little more, but not more than 5% of the amount of flour; if you use the bread machine for fermentation Function, the dosage should still be controlled at 1%;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

2. Put the ingredients into the bread bucket, and then put them in the Dongling 6D bread machine, select the kneading program for 20 minutes, after 10 minutes, the dough becomes a dough and moisturized, add butter to continue kneading, and add another kneading program for 10 minutes;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

3. When the dough can easily pull out this transparent and elastic film, the kneading ends;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

4. Remove the stirring rod, round the dough and place it in the bucket, cover with a damp cloth to prevent dry skin on the surface, and then cover the outer cover, select the fermentation program for 60 minutes, and adjust the time according to the state of the dough;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

5. When the dough is twice the original size, dip your fingers in the flour and poke a hole on the top of the dough without collapsing or shrinking, and fermentation is successful;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

6. Take out the dough and place it on a kneading mat, pat a few times to exhaust, weigh it into 6 equal parts, knead it round, cover with plastic wrap or put it in a box with a lid, and let it stand for 10-15 minutes;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

7. Divide 250 grams of purple sweet potato filling into 6 equal parts when the dough is standing still, round it, the amount of filling can be adjusted according to your preference, but not too much, too much will affect the rise of the dough;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

8. Flatten the loose dough with your hands, take a purple sweet potato ball on it, push the dough up, and pinch tightly;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

9. The 6 purple sweet potato buns are all wrapped up, with the seal facing down;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

10. Take a purple sweet potato bag, flatten it with your hand, and then use a rolling pin to roll it into a tongue shape. Do not roll it back and forth to prevent damage to the dough. Roll it from the middle to the outside to evenly distribute the purple sweet potato filling. In the dough; pull the flower knife diagonally on the surface to the purple potato filling;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

11. Turn it over and roll it up from the long side so that the knife edge is exposed outwards;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

12. The two ends are bent toward the middle, and the joint is tightly pinched to form a circular ring;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

13. Put 6 purple sweet potato bagels on a non-stick baking tray and place them in a warm and humid place for secondary fermentation. When the dough is 1.5-2 times the original size, brush a layer of egg liquid on the surface and send it to the middle layer of the preheated oven , Fire up and down at 180 degrees, about 20 minutes, adjust the temperature and time according to the actual situation of your own oven;

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe

14. After being out of the oven, transfer it to a drying rack, and put it in a bag and seal it after drying.

Purple Sweet Potato Bagel recipe


1. Whether it is machine kneading or manual kneading, you must knead a transparent and elastic film to make the bread delicious; the temperature of the dough must be controlled within 28 degrees, of course, it does not matter if we eat at home a little bit higher; ice water Soak the ice in water and pour this water into the flour to lower the temperature of the dough;
2. The purple potato filling can be used ready-made or homemade, but the amount should not be too much, so as not to affect the swelling of the dough.


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