Qianlixiang Big Wonton

Qianlixiang Big Wonton

by zs yoyo

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Wonton is a Jiangnan snack, usually thin skin and less meat, but Fujian Qianlixiang Wonton is bigger, the skin and filling are similar to dumplings. The big wontons with a lot of stuffing and fresh soup taste different, this is my own version of Qianlixiang big wontons. "


Qianlixiang Big Wonton

1. Minced pork and cabbage, season with salt and chicken essence, mix into stuffing.

Qianlixiang Big Wonton recipe

2. Wrap into wontons with big wonton wrappers and stuffing.

Qianlixiang Big Wonton recipe

3. Add water to the pot and boil the wontons.

Qianlixiang Big Wonton recipe

4. After boiling, add cold water and continue to boil for three consecutive times.

Qianlixiang Big Wonton recipe

5. Put seaweed, sea scallops, chopped green onion and chicken essence in the bowl of meat.

Qianlixiang Big Wonton recipe

6. Add the cooked wontons to a bowl and drizzle with sesame oil. Serve.

Qianlixiang Big Wonton recipe


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