Quack Yakult

Quack Yakult

by It's Xiao Dafa

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Today, I will teach you how to make super simple summer fat house water. It will melt in hot weather. I like to drink ice drink the most.
Last time I taught you how to make matcha strawberries, many friends said they didn't like the taste of matcha, so today I will make a watermelon flavor that everyone should like. Hey, some people say he doesn't like watermelons, em... Then, you only drink Yakult. Just kidding, everyone's taste is different, so it's normal not to like it. Those who like it will follow momo. Happy fat house together!


Quack Yakult

1. You can dig out the flesh of watermelon and cut into pieces (I’m more pretend, hahahaha)

Quack Yakult recipe

2. Only one orange is needed.

Quack Yakult recipe

3. Scoop out the passion fruit pulp and put it into the bottom of the cup.

Quack Yakult recipe

4. Then put the watermelon meat.

Quack Yakult recipe

5. Pour a bottle of Yakult.

Quack Yakult recipe

6. There are soda or sprite.

Quack Yakult recipe

7. Add another slice of decorated orange.

Quack Yakult recipe

8. Let's drink it!

Quack Yakult recipe


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