Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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When the weather is hot, eating a cold drink to cool down is the choice of many people. But whether it’s freshly taken out of the freezer or freezer, ice cream popsicles, ice cream, it’s really cool. Especially when people sweat a lot, one bite can cause teeth pain, scalp numbness, stomach tightening, and even some people have symptoms of "facial paralysis" after drinking a bottle of cold beer, which shows the great harm. Therefore, although it is refreshing to eat cold drinks, you must pay attention to the way of making and eating for health.

Today, I will introduce you a kind of cold drink that is cool and delicious, does not irritate the stomach, and has no additives. It is suitable for home-made cold drinks.

It is said to be a cold drink. In fact, it is not cold, and it does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. It can be prepared and stored at room temperature. The magic is that it has a cold taste in the mouth, tender and slippery. Moreover, it does not contain any additives, and has a certain nourishing effect. This is-red bean taro balls burned grass.

Friends in the north may not be familiar with "burning immortal grass".

It is a traditional dessert that first appeared in Fujian and Taiwan, and it is also popular in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. "Xiancao" is a kind of plant with a special aroma. When it is boiled in water, the soup is condensed into jelly after cooling, and it becomes the earliest fairy grass jelly (this is a bit like the "sea jelly" in the north of us). Now it’s much easier to make immortal grass jelly, just cook it with the “immortal grass powder” you bought.

Xiancao jelly has the effects of cooling down and reducing fire, and beautifying the skin, but it does not have the traditional Chinese medicine flavor of ordinary "herbal tea". Then add the fried ground peanuts, noodle balls or taro balls, honey beans, add sugar and milk and mix well before eating. It's not too delicious.

Then quickly take a look at how to do it. A "red bean taro ball roasted grass" consists of the following parts: honey red beans, three-color taro balls (sweet potato, purple potato, taro), roasted grass, cooked peanuts, and milk. The following mainly talks about the method of immortal grass jelly and various taro balls.

The indicated amount can make 300 grams of burnt grass, about 4 servings.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs

1. Prepare various materials. Tapioca starch is used to make taro balls, and double-carbon white sugar is used for flavoring.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

2. Peel the sweet potatoes, taro, and purple potatoes, cut into small pieces, put them in a steamer, and steam for 15 minutes on high heat.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

3. Make the grass jelly while the steamer is heating up. Mix 18 grams of grass powder with 50 milliliters of cold water to a fine and particle-free state, and then slowly flush into 240 grams of boiling water. Do not pour the fairy grass powder directly into boiling water, it will affect the solidification and taste after agglomeration.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

4. Boil while stirring, then pour it into a bowl, let it sit aside and let it cool until it solidifies, and the jelly is ready.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

5. Next, make taro balls: mash the steamed taro with a shovel (sweet potato and purple potato are also the same operation).

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

6. Weigh out a little white sugar, add a little cold water, and stir until completely dissolved.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

7. Add a small amount of sugar water to the taro mash and stir evenly. Because the steamed taro mash is relatively dry, it is easier to knead and shape while adding a little sugar water to taste.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

8. Then add tapioca starch to the mashed taro one by one in small amounts and mix well until it is not sticky.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

9. Put the kneaded taro paste on the cutting board.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

10. After kneading into finger-thick strips, cut into small pieces.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

11. The process of mashed sweet potato and mashed purple potato is also repeated from step 6 to step 10. Sprinkle a little tapioca starch on the surface of the cut taro balls to avoid sticking.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

12. Take out the amount you eat at one time and freeze the remaining taro balls in the refrigerator. Boil water in a pot, pour in the taro balls and stir slowly until the taro balls have surfaced and they are cooked.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

13. Soak the cooked taro balls in cold water to make the taro balls more delicious.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

14. Cut the solidified grass jelly into large pieces with a knife and pour it into a bowl.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

15. Arrange cooked honey beans and three-color taro balls on the fairy grass

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe

16. Add a little white sugar to the milk and mix thoroughly, pour it on top, and sprinkle a little peanuts, and a bowl of rich red bean taro balls with roasted grass is ready.

Red Bean Taro Balls Roasted Herbs recipe


1. How to make honey red beans: wash the red beans (or pinto beans, mung beans), add water and white sugar, put them in an electric pressure cooker, select the "beans" program, pour out after cooking, drain the soup, let cool That's it. The sweetness can be adjusted according to personal taste. It tastes better if it is a little sweeter and mixed in the grass, because the grass itself has no sweetness.

2. If you think it is troublesome to make three kinds of taro balls, you can make only one kind, but the three colors are more beautiful and the taste is richer.


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