Pork Steamed Egg

Pork Steamed Egg

by Yaoyao Original Food Class

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There was a little salmon left at home, which just happened to not be wasted. It took an extra minute to think, the steamed egg made a cute transformation, and the child yelled in surprise and said that he would eat this kind of egg next time. Salmon can be replaced with home ham sausage, colorful fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, cantaloupe, dragon fruit, etc. After steaming, the same is true. Don’t underestimate these three pieces. Add these embellishments in the restaurant. , The price of steamed eggs should be at least doubled. This cute and delicious delicacy can be easily done at home.


Pork Steamed Egg

1. Beat the eggs into a bowl, and the eggs must be fresh.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

2. We use boiled water for the water to add to the eggs. That's right, you read it right. It is boiling water that has just been boiled. The amount of water is about double to 1.5 times that of eggs.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

3. Add enough salt to the eggs at a time, and the baby should not eat too salty.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

4. Stir the eggs first.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

5. Then stir the eggs quickly while slowly adding boiling water. The egg did not turn into egg flower after adding boiling water completely, but there was a lot of foam

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

6. The foam must be cleaned up, otherwise the finished egg custard will have many holes, which will affect the appearance. We prepare such a filtering sieve.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

7. Pass the eggs through a sieve and strain twice if there is too much foam.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

8. Steam in a pot on cold water. After the water is boiled, steam over medium heat for 7 minutes. The steaming time should be increased or decreased according to the size of the egg and the depth of the container. When steaming, cover the lid, I used a plate, it can be covered with plastic wrap if there is no suitable one.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

9. For steaming eggs, we cut the salmon into two triangles and one oval. The same is true for fruits and vegetables, just cut out shapes.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe

10. Open the lid after 7 minutes, put the salmon in it, and steam it for another 30 seconds. The salmon can be eaten raw, but the child doesn't like the raw taste. The slightly cooked one is delicious.

Pork Steamed Egg recipe


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