Red Date Honey Pear Soup

Red Date Honey Pear Soup

by Huaer's gourmet kitchen

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You can choose small honey pears, snow pears, but the whole honey pears will taste better if you cook them slowly. Pears can help the body to purify organs, store calcium, and at the same time soften blood vessels, which can promote the blood to send more calcium to the bones. Of course, its effects of clearing away heat and moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough and resolving phlegm are also outstanding.
In addition to the main ingredients, the auxiliary ingredients are red beans + red dates + longan + sweet-scented osmanthus honey. It is a good practice to make syrup with red beans. It will slowly release the sand during the cooking process. It is mixed with sweet red dates, longan for replenishing the heart and soothing the nerves, and sweet-scented osmanthus. The sugar water boiled slowly has a clear and sweet taste, a mellow aftertaste, and low calories. The old mother likes the taste of this soup very much, and I recommend it to my friends.


Red Date Honey Pear Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients you need.

Red Date Honey Pear Soup recipe

2. Peel the pears and wash them.

Red Date Honey Pear Soup recipe

3. Put water in the casserole and pears.

Red Date Honey Pear Soup recipe

4. Wash 80 grams of red beans, wash 10 red dates, remove 8 longans, and put them in a casserole one by one.

Red Date Honey Pear Soup recipe

5. It's best to fill up the water, don't add it in between.

Red Date Honey Pear Soup recipe

6. After the high heat is boiled, turn to a low heat, about 1 hour and 10 minutes, the red beans will be out of the sand and the pears will be soft and rotten. If you like sweeter ones, you can add rock sugar. A better way is to add sweet-scented osmanthus honey, which is sweet and fragrant.

Red Date Honey Pear Soup recipe


Red Date Honey Pear Soup recipe


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