Longan recipes

Black Chicken Soup

Black-bone Chicken, Ginger, Shallot

Longan Boiled Colorful Glutinous Rice Balls

Longan, Colorful Glutinous Rice Balls, Crystal Sugar

Stewed Chicken Soup

Chickens, Astragalus, Ginger

Qi and Blood Soup

Red Dates, Peanuts, Red Beans

Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Ribs, Lamb Slice, Longan

Red Date Chicken Soup

Chickens, Red Dates, Longan

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup

Lily (dry), Red Dates, Longan

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup

Kelp, Tofu Skin, White Jade Mushroom

Cordyceps and Deer Antler Black Chicken Soup

Black-bone Chicken, Antler, Cordyceps

Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Red Dates, Wolfberry

Conch Noodles Sweet Soup

Snail, Longan, Wolfberry

Ginger and Jujube Tea Dumplings

Longan, Glutinous Rice Balls, Wolfberry

Stewed Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Pork, Salt

Pigeon Soup

Squab, Red Dates, Wolfberry

Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup

Red Dates, Longan, Red Beans