Roasted Beans

Roasted Beans

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Roasted Beans

1. The strength of removing the beans on both sides

Roasted Beans recipe

2. Clean and break into small pieces

Roasted Beans recipe

3. Put bean paste, Orleans marinade, cumin powder, sugar and sweet chili sauce in a bowl and mix well

Roasted Beans recipe

4. Add a little vinegar, mix well and set aside

Roasted Beans recipe

5. Add tin foil to the baking tray

Roasted Beans recipe

6. Put a layer of beans and a layer of sauce into the baking dish

Roasted Beans recipe

7. Wrap in tin foil and put it in an air fryer, and bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes

Roasted Beans recipe

8. Halfway through

Roasted Beans recipe

9. Bake and serve

Roasted Beans recipe


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