Sago Rice Porridge

Sago Rice Porridge

by An Ran

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Sago nourishes the skin. Sago has the function of restoring the skin's natural moisturization. Women who like to eat sago will not only have a good taste, but they can also become beautiful while eating! To invigorate the spleen and lungs, sago is warm in nature, has the effect of warming the spleen and invigorating the spleen, curing spleen and stomach weakness, and indigestion. Eating more has a good therapeutic effect on spleen and stomach weakness and indigestion. Strengthen physique Sago is almost pure starch, containing 88% carbohydrates, 0.5% protein, a small amount of fat and trace vitamin B group. These are all the nutrients our body needs. Eating more can strengthen the physique and improve immunity. .

The effect of yellow rice:
1. Clear heat and nourish the lungs. Yellow rice is sweet in taste and slightly cold in nature. It nourishes the yin and moisturizes the lungs, removes the dryness and heat of the lungs, and makes breathing smooth and comfortable. It has a certain effect on the development of boils, toxic fever, and swelling.
2. Lubricating laxative yellow rice is rich in dietary fiber, which is 4 times that of rice. It can lubricate the intestines, stimulate bowel movements, and have a good effect on preventing constipation.
3. Soothing the nerves and assisting sleep, yellow rice can nourish yin, and improve the sleeplessness caused by yin deficiency and yang. It can treat yang and yin deficiency, sleeplessness at night, long-time venting and weak stomach, and treat frostbite, scabies, toxic fever, poison Swelling and other embolism.
4. Nourishing yin and invigorating yellow rice to invigorate deficiency, nourishing essence and qi, moisturizing the lung and kidney, for the deficiency of lung and kidney. It is suitable for replenishing long-term physical weakness or wasting fatigue.


Sago Rice Porridge

1. Half a bowl of sago, a bowl of cooked sago

Sago Rice Porridge recipe

2. Wash and put in an appropriate amount of water

Sago Rice Porridge recipe

3. Cover and cook

Sago Rice Porridge recipe

4. Seeing that the time is almost up, put in the cooked sago

Sago Rice Porridge recipe

5. Stir evenly, with clear particles

Sago Rice Porridge recipe

6. Put sugar in

Sago Rice Porridge recipe

7. All you can eat

Sago Rice Porridge recipe


Sago yellow rice cannot be cooked at the same time


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