Waffle Set Meal

Waffle Set Meal

by Lime Reviews

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Make something simple for breakfast on weekends, I really don’t want to get up early! Let's make waffles, and another cup of rice cereal! ! perfect


Waffle Set Meal

1. Make black rice paste first. Prepare 50 grams of black rice, 30 yellow rice, and 25 glutinous rice.
The proportion is added according to personal preference.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

2. Put all the rice in a bowl and wash it well.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

3. Pour it into the wall breaker, add an appropriate amount of water, I added 1000ml. Press the rice cereal function.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

4. Okay, let it play for a while!
Let’s start making milk-flavored waffles.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

5. Prepare 94 grams of low-gluten flour, 2 eggs, 80 grams of milk, 30 grams of corn oil, and 30 grams of white sugar.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

6. Prepare a large container, beat 2 eggs, add white sugar, stir well and add corn oil.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

7. After stirring for a while, add milk. Stir until all the white sugar is melted.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

8. Sift the flour into a large bowl.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

9. Stir until the batter is fine and smooth without dry powder.

Waffle Set Meal recipe

10. Pour the batter into the waffle pan. Close the lid

Waffle Set Meal recipe

11. It will be cooked in a minute or two

Waffle Set Meal recipe

12. At this time the rice cereal is also ready! Let’s start eating breakfast!
Black rice paste tastes better with a little sugar. The waffles are slightly sweet and very soft.

Waffle Set Meal recipe


1. The water volume of the rice cereal is adjusted according to personal taste. \nIt is good to drink rice cereal with sugar\n2. The amount of sugar in the waffle is just right, so there is no need to reduce sugar.


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