Private Golden Millet Fried Rice

Private Golden Millet Fried Rice

by Win Kitchen

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Millet has high nutritional value! Known as the gold in the rice! Eating more millet has many benefits! But it is usually eaten in porridge, and most of them are made into sweet ones. I personally like the salty ones. I have tried to cook millet porridge with seafood and it is very fragrant. Today I have a new method to share with everyone. Suddenly, two new cooking ideas popped out. I will toss one today. The taste is very good. There are many ways to cook with millet! These days are all rice control! I toss about a fried rice every day. I suddenly came to the inspiration today. Snow peas has its special fragrance. The new ideas are also my DIY work. Share with you! If you don't like snow peas, you can change to other fruits, vegetables and melons.


Private Golden Millet Fried Rice

1. Wash yellow millet and boil it like rice

Private Golden Millet Fried Rice recipe

2. It’s time to turn on the rice cooker and take it out to cool it a bit

Private Golden Millet Fried Rice recipe

3. Wash the snow peas and luncheon meat and cut them into small granules, stir-fry in a hot pan with hot oil, add a little salt, sugar, and white wine, stir-fry them and push them aside.

Private Golden Millet Fried Rice recipe

4. Then pour in the millet rice, stir fry, and fry until fragrant! But don't over-fry, otherwise the snow peas will turn yellow.

Private Golden Millet Fried Rice recipe

5. Add salt, stir-fry the light soy sauce a few times, and transfer to the pan

Private Golden Millet Fried Rice recipe


I deliberately cooked millet to make this fried rice, so the water used to cook millet is a little less than usual, and the grains of millet should be distinct. Stir-fried snow peas need some white rice wine to make it more fragrant!


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