Salmon Burger

Salmon Burger

by Little Lotus in the Wind

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Breakfast is the most in need of a good meal, especially for children who go to school. As a mother, it is a responsibility to find ways to make the child's breakfast richer. Salmon has low fat content and high nutritional value. It is best to add it to the breakfast Chinese style. Today I will make this salmon burger for everyone. It is both delicious and influential. It is a good choice for breakfast. "


Salmon Burger

1. Prepare 3 hamburger buns.

Salmon Burger recipe

2. Sprinkle the salmon fillets with salt and pepper and marinate for more than 2 hours.

Salmon Burger recipe

3. Stuff the marinated salmon fillets with flour.

Salmon Burger recipe

4. Dip it in the egg liquid and take it out.

Salmon Burger recipe

5. Place it in oatmeal, cover both sides with oatmeal, and place in a plate for later use.

Salmon Burger recipe

6. Put oil in the pot and heat it up on high heat. After all the salmon fillets are processed, they are fried in the pot.

Salmon Burger recipe

7. The fire exploded into golden yellow and fished out for later use.

Salmon Burger recipe

8. The hamburger embryo is sliced from the middle and squeezed into the Thousand Island sauce.

Salmon Burger recipe

9. Put lettuce leaves and fried oatmeal salmon flakes.

Salmon Burger recipe

10. Cover with another slice of burger.

Salmon Burger recipe


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