Sauce Tendon Meat

Sauce Tendon Meat

by Kang Kang 1818

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If I don’t eat meat, it’s a bit difficult for me to make a meat dish. In addition to stir-fried vegetables for three meals a day, they are also stir-fried vegetables. Although eating more vegetables is good for your body, you should also pair it with meat and vegetables. But what kind of meat recipes do you make? It’s too complicated to learn, and it’s not possible to bring fat. Husband doesn’t eat it. Let’s just make a simple boiled tendon! What is tendon meat? What kind of meat is this part called? Every time I go to the supermarket, I point to the counter full of pork and ask the salesperson. Except for the pig's feet I recognize, the rest are not named. When I bought back the shank meat, I started to work hard. I accepted the lesson of unsuccessful cooking a while ago. This time I didn’t cut the meat into small pieces, but cooked the whole meat, so that the cooked meat can be easily cut into slices instead of Everything is broken like last time. Looking at the cut sauce meat, it feels pretty good and a sense of accomplishment. After tasting it, my husband said that it looks good but a little light. gosh! It seems that I forgot to add salt! Had to improve it next time.


Sauce Tendon Meat

1. Rinse the tendon with clean water, add sliced ginger, star anise, and peppercorns

Sauce Tendon Meat recipe

2. Add the dark soy sauce, oil consumption, and fine sugar for marinating (I planned to add salt in this step, but later I thought about adding it when it was cooked, but I finally forgot it)

Sauce Tendon Meat recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of water (you just have no meat) and marinate for 2 hours

Sauce Tendon Meat recipe

4. After 2 hours, put the marinated meat in the pressure cooker with an appropriate amount of water, and turn on the meat cooking function button

Sauce Tendon Meat recipe

5. After hearing the end tone, the meat is ready (it took 15 minutes to look at the watch), turn on the pressure cooker after the meat has cooled naturally

Sauce Tendon Meat recipe

6. Slice it and serve it on a plate, and it will taste even better when you eat it with garlic juice. (I feel pretty good, at least it’s not cut into pieces like last time)

Sauce Tendon Meat recipe


The shank meat is marinated before cooking to add more flavor to the meat.


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