Soba Fish

Soba Fish

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Soba Fish

1. Soba noodles and flour 7:3, live into a moderately firm dough

Soba Fish recipe

2. Cut potatoes and lamb into small pellets

Soba Fish recipe

3. Make the marinade: add the potatoes and cooked lamb to the pot, add seasonings, and stir well, add water and boil until soft

Soba Fish recipe

4. Finally add leeks to make a marinade

Soba Fish recipe

5. Rub fish

Soba Fish recipe

6. Boil until it floats all over, serve it, and pour in the marinade.

Soba Fish recipe


I use cooked mutton, so when making the marinade, fry the potatoes first. If you use raw mutton, stir-fry the mutton first.


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