Sour Soup with Beef

Sour Soup with Beef

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Fatty beef in sour soup is a common famous dish in many Sichuan restaurants, belonging to Sichuan cuisine

The quality of fat beef is naturally the first element, but after entering the countryside, the sour soup is crucial to the seasoning of the soup, so that it should be sour and spicy. Fat cows are delicious and rich in nutrition. They not only provide rich protein, iron, zinc, calcium, but also the best source of vitamin B complex that is needed every day, including folic acid, vitamin B and riboflavin. Eating fat beef can be combined with seafood and green vegetables. Seafood is rich in protein, iron and vitamins, which are more nutritious and easier for the body to absorb.


Sour Soup with Beef

1. Prepare materials

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

2. The enoki mushrooms are cooked in a pot under water, remove them from the enlarged bowl and set aside

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

3. Heat up the oil pan, add garlic slices and chili sauce, stir fry

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

4. Add a big bowl of water

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

5. Add cooking wine, put fattening cattle

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

6. Cook until the fat beef changes color and top with rice vinegar

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

7. Pour into a large bowl of enoki mushrooms, sprinkle with green and red pepper segments on top

Sour Soup with Beef recipe


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