Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake

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Soybeans are rich in nutrients. Soy products are very popular in our house, and yuba and tofu are very delicious.

If milk is common in the diet of foreigners, soy milk is the most common in our country. Soy milk and fried dough sticks for breakfast are the easiest choices.

The development of science and technology has changed lives. There are all kinds of soymilk machines, and soymilk can be made easily at home.

Some broken soymilk machines can also be booked one night in advance, and you can drink delicate and warm soymilk the next day.

Although the bean dregs of the current soybean milk machine are very delicate, there are still people who are very sensitive to bean dregs. For example, I can take one more step, add a gauze to filter the bean dregs, and add some sugar to the filtered soybean milk.

The remaining bean dregs are not wasted and can be used to make bread and pancakes. The pancakes can be salty or sweet, just make them your favorite taste.


Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake

1. The ingredients are weighed and prepared; dried soybeans are selected, the bad beans are discarded, and then washed; a large clean gauze pad is prepared on the colander and placed in a large bowl.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe

2. Soybeans are poured into the soymilk machine, and water is added to make the soymilk automatically.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe

3. After the pulping is completed, pour the soy milk into the prepared gauze and a slotted spoon to separate the soy milk and the soy dregs; wear disposable gloves to operate, wrap the gauze tightly and press the bottom of the dish to squeeze the soy milk as clean as possible.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe

4. Add sugar to the soy milk slowly according to personal taste, and mix well; add 2 eggs to the bean dregs and mix well.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe

5. Finally, add vegetable oil and salt, and mix well.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe

6. Preheat the electric baking pan, scoop a small amount of okara and egg batter with a spoon and place it in the center.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe

7. Fasten the lid of the electric baking pan, turn on the heat, and heat it for a while. The heating time is determined by the actual situation of the electric baking pan. You can carefully open the lid in about half a minute to check whether it is solidified.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe

8. Place the pancakes on a plate to cool, and continue to fry the remaining okara and egg batter; if you like sweet, you can spread your favorite jam and eat it with soy milk.

Soy Milk and Okara Egg Pancake recipe


1. The finished product is about 3 or 4 pieces, start to put a little less, and then adjust the weight according to how much it fits.

2. Like softer, shorter frying time, like crispy, longer time.

3. If the finished product is harder and thinner, you can add some aluminum-free baking powder. The instructions of the baking powder shall prevail.

4. Take care to prevent scalds during operation. Use a silicone spatula or a silicone spatula to scoop up the fried cakes, which is easier to operate.


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