Soy Milk Muffins

Soy Milk Muffins

by Jiuyang Zhishi

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A cup of soy milk, a muffin, a good book, a simple lamp, you will feel the real relaxation.


Soy Milk Muffins

1. Use a broken wall soymilk machine to grind smooth and mellow soymilk

Soy Milk Muffins recipe

2. Beat the eggs into a bowl, add sea salt and white sugar, sift the low-gluten flour and baking powder together, put them in a basin, then mix the batter evenly, let stand for at least 5 minutes for later use

Soy Milk Muffins recipe

3. Heat up the pan, smear an appropriate amount of oil, dig out an appropriate amount of batter with a spoon and pour it into the pan, bake on low heat until bubbling, turn it over and continue frying for about 10 seconds to start the pan

Soy Milk Muffins recipe

4. Pour honey or add a small piece of cream according to your preference.

Soy Milk Muffins recipe


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