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A few days ago, a beautiful girl told me quietly,
Want a vegan, soft and delicious one,
A recipe for healthy low-fat bread.
The spring weight loss season is here again,
Let’s not use milk, butter and eggs,
It's really great to make a vegan healthy soft bread.

Change the liquid in the recipe to homemade mellow soy milk,
Add some cooked corn kernels,
Unexpectedly, the effect is really amazing.
The bread made is as delicate and soft as clouds,
There are also sweet corn kernels in it,
Rich taste and fresh taste,
It’s really from nutrition to taste,
Both are perfect.



1. Put all the bread ingredients except corn oil and corn kernels together and knead it into a smooth dough. Add corn oil in 3 times, knead until the film is pulled out, and the dough begins to ferment for the first time. (Add corn kernels at the end of the kneading process)

Cornbread recipe

2. Take out the fermented dough, divide it into 12 small doughs after venting, and cover with plastic wrap to relax for 15 minutes after being rounded. Then take a small dough, roll out the air and then round it.

Cornbread recipe

3. The rounded dough is put into the baking pan and fermented again to twice its size, and the surface is brushed with egg liquid or sprayed with water.

Cornbread recipe

4. Dip the dough with a little water and then dip it with white sesame seeds. Click in the middle of the small dough, then put the sponge dough into the preheated 210 degree oven and bake for 10 minutes.


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