Spiced Dried Beans with Devil Ginger

Spiced Dried Beans with Devil Ginger

by Dazzling silk scarf

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1. Dried tofu is made of soybeans. Dried tofu is rich in protein, and tofu protein is a complete protein. It not only contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, but also the proportion is close to the needs of the human body. It has high nutritional value. Lecithin can remove cholesterol attached to blood vessel walls, prevent hardening of blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and protect the heart; it contains a variety of minerals, supplements calcium, prevents osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency, and promotes bone development. The bone growth of children and the elderly is extremely beneficial.
2. Guizi ginger is also called Jerusalem artichoke. Everyone knows that ginger is a treasure. It can not only drive away cold and cure diseases, but also inhibit the growth of cancer cells. As the saying goes, "Eat ginger often, don't be afraid of wind and frost" and "three slices of ginger and one green onion, don't be afraid of colds and colds", they all talk about the magical effects of ginger. The biggest difference between Guizijiang and ginger is that it can regulate blood sugar, and it is two-way regulation. The reason why Guizijiang can regulate sugar in both directions is mainly due to its rich content of insulin-like substances. The level of insulin in the human body directly affects the level of blood sugar. Therefore, eating more Guizijiang in winter is still good for diabetic friends. The reason why I only pickled it with salt is to maintain its crisp taste, and more importantly, it can be better fried, mixed, and used as side dishes with other foods.


Spiced Dried Beans with Devil Ginger

1. Prepare raw materials

Spiced Dried Beans with Devil Ginger recipe

2. Cut the dried five-spice, devil's ginger, and tender ginger into filaments, and chop the chives into finely chopped pieces. (The dried five-spice has the aroma of sauce, and the guizi ginger also has a salty taste, so there is no need to add salt.)

Spiced Dried Beans with Devil Ginger recipe

3. Just stir the second step together.

Spiced Dried Beans with Devil Ginger recipe


Warm reminder of silk scarf: Cold dishes, dried tofu can also be mixed with other lettuce (cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.), and the taste is also very good.


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