Spicy Intestines

Spicy Intestines

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"Spicy Fatty Intestines" is a very fragrant dish, and those who love fat intestines must not miss it. Fatty intestines have the effects of moisturizing dryness, tonic, quenching thirst and bleeding. It can be used to treat weakness and thirst, prolapse of the anus, hemorrhoids, hematochezia, constipation and other diseases. However, do not eat fat intestines during a cold.


Spicy Intestines

1. The fatty intestines are processed in advance and cut into oblique sections. The fatty intestines are washed repeatedly with salt, white vinegar, and rice-washing water, and the filaments in the fatty intestines are torn off, rinsed repeatedly under the tap, and then blanched with star anise, ginger, green onions, and pepper. , Then remove it and cut it off

Spicy Intestines recipe

2. Remove the pedicles of the dried chili and cut into sections

Spicy Intestines recipe

3. Garlic peel off the garlic coat, wash and cut into garlic cloves

Spicy Intestines recipe

4. Put the pot on the fire, after heating, pour some vegetable oil to heat; turn to low heat, add garlic cloves, dried chilies and stir fragrant

Spicy Intestines recipe

5. Add the fatty intestines and stir fry over high heat

Spicy Intestines recipe

6. Add an appropriate amount of granulated sugar and stir fry evenly

Spicy Intestines recipe

7. After the ingredients are cooked, add some salt

Spicy Intestines recipe

8. Add the right amount of chicken essence

Spicy Intestines recipe

9. Add the chopped green pepper, stir fry evenly, turn off the heat

Spicy Intestines recipe

10. Cook and serve

Spicy Intestines recipe


Wash the fatty intestines with salt, white vinegar and rice-washing water repeatedly, tear off the filaments in the fatty intestines, rinse them repeatedly under the tap, and then blanch with star anise, ginger, spring onions, and peppercorns, then remove them and cut them off.


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