Spicy Tendon Pot

Spicy Tendon Pot

by Xiaochun's Kitchen

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Beef tendon is nourishing and beautifying. The stewing time is long and soft, and the stewing time is short and chewy. Both are ok and delicious. Next, I will make a winter warming and beauty tonic pot-spicy tendon pot.


Spicy Tendon Pot

1. Clean the beef tendon and beef board tendon and put it in the pot

2. Add the scallion ginger and old brine soup to a boil, simmer for 1-1.5 hours on low heat, and simmer to the softness you like

Spicy Tendon Pot recipe

3. Pour vegetable oil into the pot, and fry the spicy sauce pot seasoning

4. Add the stewed beef tendon, a little bit of stewed soup, stir-fry evenly, and simmer until the soup is dry

Spicy Tendon Pot recipe
Spicy Tendon Pot recipe
Spicy Tendon Pot recipe
Spicy Tendon Pot recipe


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