Spinach in Oil

Spinach in Oil

by Yixiyue

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Vegetables are green in color, salty and delicious, refreshing and not greasy. "


Spinach in Oil

1. Fresh baby spinach, wash.

Spinach in Oil recipe

2. The boiling water is enough.

Spinach in Oil recipe

3. Remove and put in the dish.

Spinach in Oil recipe

4. Heat an appropriate amount of oil in a pot, sauté ginger garlic, dried red pepper, and peppercorns until fragrant.

Spinach in Oil recipe

5. A spoonful of boiling water, seasoning with some salt light soy sauce, pour it on the spinach.

Spinach in Oil recipe

6. Finished product.

Spinach in Oil recipe

7. Finished product.

Spinach in Oil recipe


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