Squid Fried Rice

Squid Fried Rice

by Looking for Mimi

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Kuaishou fried rice, nutritious and delicious.


Squid Fried Rice

1. Rinse the miscellaneous grains and rice with clean water.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

2. Drain the water and put it in the rice cooker.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

3. Set aside after cooking.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

4. Cut the squid and blanch it in water and remove it for later use.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

5. Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pan and saute the onions until fragrant.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

6. Add the squid and stir-fry evenly.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

7. Add the rice and stir-fry evenly.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

8. Drizzle with soy sauce and oyster sauce, quickly stir and fry evenly.

Squid Fried Rice recipe

9. Sprinkle with shallots and serve. Beichun multi-grain rice, multi-layered taste, nourishment in every bite.

Squid Fried Rice recipe


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