Steamed Hairy Crabs

Steamed Hairy Crabs

by gary

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The autumnal equinox is here, and autumn is really here, gold nine silver ten, crabs are the most fertile time, Yangcheng Lake is located in the northeast of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the scenery is charming, the oasis in the lake, the Lotus Island is like a piece of crystal emerald. Of course, the most famous is the aquatic products of Yangcheng Lake: Mandarin fish, soft-shelled turtle, white fish, eel, clear water shrimp, and hairy crabs are the "Six Treasures of the Lake". Among them, the clear water hairy crabs of Yangcheng Lake, known as the "King of Crabs", are well-known both at home and abroad. If you eat female crabs in September and male crabs in October, how can you miss this plate of crabs on the table? Comrades who love crabs, don't say much, let's get rid of crabs first! In the dish just taken out of the steamer, the pale yellow crab juice is mixed with hibiscus-like protein exuding from the crab body, and the orange crab is lined with a sweet and elegant taste. It has the original flavor and retains the freshness and sweetness of the crabs to the utmost extent. There is only one kind of crab idiot and delicious crab in the world, but there are only two different procedures for eating crab: one is to go straight to the topic, and the crab cover is opened for the first time; the second is to get better and better, and to take the two legs and eight legs. After one by one, the ceremony of "uncovering the cup" was performed. Female crabs eat yellow and male crabs eat ointment, the taste is all between the lips and teeth. Today I ate crabs and drank some fresh wine, which would be really dizzy. The wine's degree is a bit high.
Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have no muddy body, large fat body, green shell, white belly, golden claws and yellow hair. The meat is greasy, the limbs are strong, and it can crawl quickly when placed on a glass plate. Mid-September to December each year is the mature season of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. In the ninth month of the lunar calendar, the female crabs have full yellow shells and tender meat. In October, the male crabs have thick and greasy cream, rich and delicious meat, and they are the best season for crab-eating.


Steamed Hairy Crabs

1. After buying the hairy crabs, feed them in the water for 2 hours, let the crabs spit out the dirty things in their stomachs, and change the water several times during the period.

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe

2. The crabs are cleaned with a brush

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe

3. Cut the green onion into sections, and shred the ginger in half

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe

4. Put the right amount of water in the steamer, spread the green onion and ginger on the steamer, and put the hairy crabs in. Do not tie the crab legs in this way

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe

5. After the fire is boiled, steam for 15-20 minutes

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe

6. Wash the other half of the ginger, peel and chop finely, mince garlic

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe

7. Mix it with rice vinegar and salt to make a sauce

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe

8. Finally, steam the crabs and serve with sauce

Steamed Hairy Crabs recipe


1. You must buy live crabs, don't buy dead crabs, dead crabs have toxins;
2. The bottom of the male crab's abdomen is shaped like a golden bell, while the female crab's abdomen is a semicircle;
3. It is said that crabs are cold. Women usually have a cold foundation. When eating crabs, it is best to have a glass of rice wine, or else add more ginger to relieve the cold;
4. Be sure to cook under cold water. Boiling the pot under water will easily cause the crab legs to break and the crab will be incomplete.


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