Stollen Bread

Stollen Bread

by Sangu

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Aka christmas bread

According to legend, the Stollen bread symbolizes the baby Jesus; the various dried fruits in it symbolize the gifts brought to Jesus, and share the bread to commemorate the crucified Jesus.

(Although there are slightly more ingredients, if the ingredients in part C are not available, they can be left alone, which will not affect the bread making)

Stollen Bread

1. Mix the ingredients of Part A into a uniform paste; cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 1 hour.

Stollen Bread recipe

2. Use a bread machine to mix the batter from step 1 and the ingredients in part B into a uniform dough

Stollen Bread recipe

3. Mix the dough from step 2 with the ingredients from step C, and round the dough

Stollen Bread recipe

4. Use the bread machine for the first fermentation

Stollen Bread recipe

5. Divide the fermented dough into four parts, round the surface of the dough, and let it stand for 5-10 minutes in a pot.

Stollen Bread recipe

6. Take a dough and roll it from the top of the dough to one side with a rolling pin. After rolling out part of the dough thinly, turn the dough over

Stollen Bread recipe

7. Spread a little butter on the surface of the dough, turn the thin side of the dough over, and cover the surface on the other side

Stollen Bread recipe

8. Repeat all the dough shapes, arrange them on a high-temperature cloth, and put them in the oven to ferment

Stollen Bread recipe

9. When the dough is about 2 times bigger, take it out; preheat the oven to 210 degrees Celsius and lower the heat to 210 degrees

Stollen Bread recipe

10. Sprinkle flour on the surface of the dough

Stollen Bread recipe

11. Put the dough in the preheated oven and bake until it is cooked through (reference time: 13-15 minutes)

Stollen Bread recipe

12. Take out the toasted bread to complete

Stollen Bread recipe



1. Infant blessings, I have to admire the creativity of the predecessors

2. The ingredients in part C will not affect the dough making, if not, you can leave it


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