Dried Fruit recipes

Rice Cooker Version Seafood Stewed Rice

Dried Shrimps, Dried Fruit, Clam Meat

Dried Potatoes and Brown Sugar Eight Treasure Rice

Glutinous Rice, Red Bean Paste, Brown Sugar

Ice Powder

Water, Ice Powder, Brown Sugar

Milk Soup with Dried Fruit Toast

High-gluten Flour, Egg, Soup

Small Animal Biscuits

Low Powder, Butter, Sugar

Fruit Oat Bread (soup Method)

High-gluten Flour, Milk, Salt

Cherry Fruit Shortbread

Low-gluten Flour, Egg Liquid, Dried Fruit

Fresh Fruit Waffles

Milk, Egg, Butter

Red Candy Dry Bread Rolls

High Fan, Milk, Butter

Crispy Cookies

Butter, Powdered Sugar, Light Cream

Butter Dried Fruit Rolls

High-gluten Flour, Egg, Yeast (dry)

Cheese Bread

High Fan, Sugar, Salt

Snowy Mooncake

Glutinous Rice Flour, Sticky Rice, Starch

Dielian Flower and Fruit Dried Toast

Flour, Dielian Huashui, Sugar

Altar Soft Bag

High Fan, Whole Wheat Flour, Black Sesame